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This shadow represents Othello’s dark side which is revealed when he murders Desdemona in … Means we achieve things with our intelligence not by magic and intelligent planning takes time. (1.1.) Means I’ll poison the moors ear against her hinting that she taking Cassio’s side because of her lust for him. People like that are easy to manipulate. The quote shows Desdemona’s naïve and trusting nature, since she does not realize just how jealous her husband is capable of being. What makes Othello think Iago is so Othello Quotes Quotes Othello Quotes She loved me for the dangers I had passed, And I loved her that she did pity them. Othello's decision here will be crucial and he's erroneous decision to believe the dishonest Iago is the step that leads to the tragic ending but is the lines delicate balance here which is so remarkable, a perfectly balanced line at a crucial point in the play. Iago. That thought keeps gnawing me eating me up inside. Othello is now sold on the idea that Desdemona is cheating on him, and it was because of his trusting nature that made him so gullible to Iago’s empty words of love and reason. Othello trusts Iago because he has a noble spirit and assumes that other people are like himself. If rod survives he’ll as for the gold and jewellery that I stole from him and said I gave to des. Iago is a master at manipulation, so he drops hints here and there to stir Othello’s anger. "I fear the trust Othello puts him in" Rats out Cassio. Iago is very popular among the characters in the play. The Othello quotes below are all either spoken by Iago or refer to Iago. But there is more. Iago claims he's far more qualified than Cassio, who lacks Iago's experience on the field of battle. He’s got to beat up the weak to frighten the strong. Thou shouldst be honest" (3.3.381), "I should be wise, for honesty's a fool / And loses that it works for" (3.3.382-383), I am enter'd in this cause so far, / Prick'd, to't by foolish honesty and love, / I will go on" (3.3.410-413), "It is not honesty in me to speak / What I have seen and known. He takes her by the palm. Another of his fathom they have none/ To lead their business: in which regard, / Though I do hate him as I do hell pains, / Yet, for necessity of present life, / I must show out a flag and sign of love,’ Act 1 scene 1 pg 9, They couldn’t find another man with his abilities to lead their armed forces and I hate him but I’ve got to show him sings of loyalty, ‘Though in the trade of war I have slain men, / Yet do I hold it very stuff o’ the conscience/ To do no contrivèd murder. Iago is very popular among the characters in the play. Start studying Othello Quotes. I wish there was less social pressure to drink.” _____ “We come here to help you and you treat us like thugs, but you let an African horse climb all over your daughter. Many things can happen. / When this advice is free I give and honest’ Act 2 scene 3 in soliloquy. I think Cassio really does love her, and it’s perfectly likely that she loves him too. ‘She is sport for Jove.’ Act 2 scene 3Meaning she’s beautiful enough to be jove’s lover. Means she’s full of good intentions and the moor loves her so much he would renounce his Christianity to keep her happy. You’ve been punished for policy reason not because he dislikes you. I have a feeling Cassio seduced my wife aswell . Thou hast taken against me/ a most just exception; / but yet, I protest, I have dealt most/ directly in thy affair.’ Act 4 s 2 pg 153, Means now I see that you have some guts from this moment on I have a higher opinion of you than before. The quote reveals Othello’s blind spot where Iago is concerned, and sets the stage for how Othello’s belief in Iago’s integrity and honesty will lead to disaster. Means I have a bad tendency to be suspicious of people and look too closely into what they’re doing I often imagine crimes that aren’t rlly there. Look to her , Moor, if thou hast eyes to see / she has deceived her father , and may thee – act 1 scene 3 – brabantio. Iago Manipulation Quotes By Othello Quotes Othello Iago Quotes About Women Cassio From Othello Quotes Love Quotes In Othello Famous Othello Quotes Iago Abraham Lincoln Quotes Albert Einstein Quotes Bill Gates Quotes Bob Marley Quotes Bruce Lee Quotes Buddha Quotes _____ “Not tonight, Iago. I hate the Moor and there’s a widespread rumour that he’s slept with my wife I’m not sure if it’s true but just the suspicion is enough for me. Frostydino. Iago. If they’re not honest they shouldn’t look like they are, ‘Though I am bound to every act of duty, /I am not bound to that all slaves are free to./ utter my thoughts? But he has a serious weakness. The skill of Iago was extraordinary, but so was his good fortune. With as little a web as this will I ensnare as / great a fly as Cassio. Ask her to help you heal the rift between her husband and you id bet my lucky stars your problem will be forgotten and your relationship will be stronger than ever, ‘Confess yourself freely to her, importuned her help to put you in your place/ again: she is of so free, so kind, so apt, so blessed a dis-position/, she holds it a vice in her goodness not to do / more than she is requested: this broken joint between you/ and her husband entreat her to splinter; and, my fortunes/ against any lay worth naming, this crack of your love shall / grow stronger than it was before.’ Act 2 scene 3, ‘And What’s he, then, that says I play the villain? Whether he kills Cassio or Cassio kills him they kill each other it all works in my favour. ‘Tis here, But Yet confus’d:/ knavery’s plain face I’d never seen till us’d.’ Act 2 s 1, If that piece of Venetian trash roderigo can do what I need to carry out my plan, I’ll have power over Cassio. There’s none so foul and foolish thereunto, / But dies foul pranks which fair and wise ones do.’ Act 2 scene 1, Means no matter how ugly or stupid the woman is she plays the same dirty tricks that the smart and pretty ones do, ‘you are well tun’d now! A person should think of I,1,7. Clearly, Iago seems pretty jealous. You women are all the same you’re as pretty as pictures when you’re out in public but in your own houses your as noisy as jangling bells in your own kitchens you act like wildcats you make yourselves sound like saints when you’re complaining g about something. I’ll say bad things about him to the moor . Iago is an ensign, denied promotion by Othello, is jealous of the promotion of his junior soldier. I have the feeling the moor slept with my wife. Let’s join forces and get revenge – if you seduce desmedona and make a fool out of him it will be fun for both of us. The man who knows his wife is cheating on him is happy because at least he isn’t friends with the man she’s sleeping with. It’s too bad. ‘Good name in man and woman, dear my lord, / Is the immediate jewel of their souls:’ Act 3 s 3 And ‘But he that filches from me my good name/ Robs me of that which not enriches him/ And makes me poor indeed.’ Act 3 s 3. ‘Though I perchance am vicious in my guess, / As, I confess, it is my nature’s plague/ To spy into abuses, and of my jealousy/ Shape faults that are not there’ Act 3 s 3. You haven’t lost it unless you think you have, ‘a punishment more in policy than in malice;/ even so as one would beat his offenceless dog to affright/ an imperious lion:’ Act 2 s 3. Having / But I’ll set down the pegs that make this music, / As honest as I am.’ Act 2 s 1, Oh you’re happy now but I’ll ruin your happiness for all my supposed honesty, ‘to inflame it and to give satiety / a fresh appetite, — loveliness in favour; sympathy in years, manners, and beauties; all which the Moor is defective in:’ Act 2 s 1 pg 49. And who’s to say I’m evil when my advice is so good ? Roderigo also plays as a pawn in Iago's plan when he is lied to by Iago about getting married to Desdemona. And that’s how I’ll turn her good intentions into a big trap to snag them all. Ironically, Othello assumes that Iago is being tactful and trying not to blame Cassio for what happened, whereas Iago has actually engineered the entire situation in order to get Cassio in trouble. Othello: Quotes. Iago starts off the jealousy theme in Othello when he gets jealous of Cassio. He plots against Othello and his wife. Act 1 scene 1 ... / ‘Tis to his virtue a just equinox,/ The one as long as the other: ’tis pity of him./ I fear the trust Othello puts him in’ Act 2 s 3: Means he’s a good soldier good enough to be Caesar’s right-hand man. By Othello trusting Iagos words with no tangible proof, we can say that Othello is pretty gullible or he has a profound trust for Iago. Iago is intent on revenge against both Cassio and Othello. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. He wouldn’t sneak away looking so guilty when he saw you coming. Othello's hamatia is that he has double standards in that he trusts his minions more than his own wife. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. ‘I know my price, I am worth no worse a place:—’ Act 1 scene one means that he knows well that he deserved the position. Within one single scene, II.iii, Iago is four times called "honest", twice by Othello, once by Cassio, and once by himself. He’s so enslaved by love that she can make him do whatever she wants. How long has Othello known Iago? Therefore, he tells Othello, "It were not for your quiet nor your good, / Nor for my manhood, honesty, or wisdom, / … She lied to her father to marry you and when she pretended to be afraid of you she loved you the most. Othello speaks these lines while explaining how Desdemona came to fall in love with him. This is the night that will either make or break me. / But I'll set down the pegs that make this music, / As honest as I am" (2.1.199-201), "It were an honest action to say / So to the Moor" (2.3.141-142), "Honest Iago, that look'st dead with grieving, / Speak, who began this?" Your complaint against me is perfectly understandable but I insist I’ve done everything I can to help you – it’s also in prose because they are plotting and scheming, ‘I have rubb’d this young quay almost to the sense, / And he grows angry. IMeans but if you steal reputation you’re robbing me of something that doesn’t make you richer, but makes me much poorer. Divinity of hell!/ When devils will the blackest sins put on, / They do suggest at first with heavenly shows,/ As I do now:’ Act 2 scene 3, How am I evil to advise Cassio to do exactly what’ll do him good? He warns the general against jealousy, “the green-eyed monster which doth mock/ The meat it feeds on.” Key Quotes: Cassio. "A man he is of honesty and trust" (1.3.284), "Honest Iago, / My Desdemona must I leave to thee: / I prithee, let thy wife attend on her: / And bring them after in the best advantage" (1.3.294-297), "The Moor is of a free and open nature, / That thinks men honest that but seem to be so, / And will as tenderly be led by the nose / As asses are" (1.3.399-402), "O, you are well tuned now! methinks it sounds a parley to provocation.’ Means such pretty eyes like an invitation ‘When she speaks, is it not an alarm to love?’ Act 2 s 3, ‘He is a soldier fit to stand by Caesar/ And give direction: and do but see his vice;/ ‘Tis to his virtue a just equinox,/ The one as long as the other: ’tis pity of him./ I fear the trust Othello puts him in’ Act 2 s 3. Quotes and Examples ... Othello, believing this and trusting Iago’s word, starts not trusting Cassio. Iago warns Othello in order to incite his jealousy, while at the same time seeming to have his best interests at heart. It’s too bad. Shakespeare explores the theme of jealousy in Othello through Iago,Roderigo, and Othello. ‘Thus do I ever make my fool my purse;’ Act 1 scene 3. Iago mentions this suspicion again at the end of Act II, scene i, explaining that he lusts after Desdemona … Cassio takes his leave from Iago: "Good night, honest Iago. Iago is to the side of Othello whispering into his left ear (the sinnister side) and it looks as if Iago is the demon on Othello’s shoulder. ]’ Act 5 s 1 As he knows what’s going on in the dark, ‘O notable strumpet!’ Act 5 s 1 And says ‘I do suspect this trash’ to be apart of the trouble in the dark so he’s blaming bianca, ‘This is the night/ That either makes me or fordoes me quite.’ Act 5 s 1 pg 173, It’s foreshadowing and it’s the last line at that scene . (Act 3, scene iii) This quote is directed to Othello, and is significant for many reasons. I’ll make the moor thank me, love me and reward me even though the joke will be on him the whole time. Othello begins with some dialogue explaining the setting, plot and characters. ‘we work by wit, and not by witchcraft; / And wit depends on dilatory time./ Does’t not go well?.’ Act 2 s 3. He’d probably be a good husband to Desdemona . Means surely I’m not obliged to reveal my deepest thoughts even slaves aren’t expected to do that. I’m worried that Othello trusts him too much – talking about Cassio. The presumption of trust goes without saying. Search all of SparkNotes Search. And then for her/ To win the Moor, — were’t to renounce his baptism,/ All seals and symbols of redeemèd sin, — / His souls is so enfetter’d to her love/ That she may make, unmake, do what she list, / Even as her appetite shall play the god/ With his weak function.’ Act 2 scene 3. ‘Men should be what they seem; /Or those that be not, would they might seem none!’ Act 3 s 3, Means people should be what they appear to be. (3.3.375-376), "O monstrous world! The very head and front of my offending Hath this extent, no more. Iago is referred to as honest over fifty times in the play, by almost every character. Discover and share Othello Trust Iago Quotes. Iago could care less about Roderigo; all he could think was to get back at Othello and release his jealousy towards him and Cassio. You don’t take You’re jobs as housewives seriously and you’re shameless hussies in bed. ‘I’ll warrant her, full Of game.’ Act 2 s 3 She’s good in bed too – meaning ‘What an eye she has! Iago is a character in Shakespeare’s play, Othello.He is a senior officer in the Venetian army under the command of its general, Othello. At this point, the audience feels sympathy for Roderigo and somehow relate to his pain. The best quotes from Othello by William Shakespeare - organized by theme, including book location and character - with an explanation to help you understand! If Cassio survives he’s so handsome and well spoken that he makes me look ugly. He’s a bad boy and Desdemona’s already got her eye on him. Therefore, Iago takes control over Cassio and his weaknesses, but Michael, blinded by Iago's outside friendly nature, does not realize that.

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